Commenting Policy

I will promise to do my best to provide strong commentary and analysis.  Everything that I say is purely my opinion and not that of my employer or anyone else unless noted.  Please comment and correct anything that I may have said that is wrong.  I feel that discussion is the best avenue of discourse.  This is a way for myself to learn as well, so I am looking to continue through this.  Please remain respectful as I hope to keep this as a PG blog.

I have set my comments to only allow ones with registered email.  I have taken the time to put my name behind my posts and thoughts and I believe that those making comments should as well.  This is a way to prevent spam but also discourage quick anonymous comments which are not constructive or respectful.  I will always reserve the right to remove comments which I deem to be offensive, but I have yet to have needed to do that thus far.

Comments are appreciated and encouraged on this blog.  It is a way that I think can encourage learning and the sharing of ideas.  If you do not want to comment publicly or have a general comment about the blog, but feel the need to say something please feel free to email me directly at

Thank you for visiting and reading A View From the Cave.