Blogs I Find Interesting

I have decided not to keep a blogroll on the side any longer in order to provide a less cluttered front page. Here you can find the blogs that I find interesting. The range is a bit all over and I will add more as I find them. The list is not necessarily an endorsement, but just what I read and pertain to my interests. Suggestions are welcome as I look to fill this out and maybe add little descriptions of each.

Marc Bellemare - Duke Agricultural Economist
Blood and Milk Alannah Shaikh
Center for Global Development - All of the blogs are must reads
Chris Blattman - Yale Economist
Congo Siasa
Council for Foreign Relations Development Channel
Development Impact - Super wonky World Bank blog on research. A personal favorite. 
Development Policy Blog - Development Policy Centre 
Engaging Internationally - Bonnie Koenig
KM on a Dollar A Day by Ian Thorpe on Knowledge Management  
From Poverty to Power - Duncan Green for Oxfam
Haba na Haba - Political Scientist Kim Yi Dionne of Texas A&M
Open the Echo Chamber - Edward Carr
Owen abroad - Economist Owen Barder.
Scarlett Lion Photographer Glenna Gordon
Securing Rights - GU student and STAND Director Dan Soloman
Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like - Satire that hits a little too close to home at times
Texas in Africa Moorehouse Poli Sci Prof Laura S
Wait....What? - Linda Raftree with Plan International
Why Dev - Group of young Australian Bloggers
wronging rights - If Bob Law had a blog about development, it would be this one
xkcd - nerdy humor