Tom Murphy is a aid and development blogger and journalist. He is a full time correspondent for the Seattle-based Humanosphere, run by Tom Paulson. He has worked with and managed health and education programs in the United States and in Kenya. In addition to writing here, his work appears in The Huffington Post, Global Health Hub, The Christian Science Monitor and other outlets.

He is most excited about his co-founded project the Development and Aid World News Service (DAWNS). It is a news collection and aggregation service aimed at providing the most up-to-date humanitarian news in a single place. The main service, the DAWNS Digest, is distributed via email each morning. Clients range from individual aid workers and students to larger organizations such as the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and the Overseas Development Institute.

Why 'A View from the Cave'?

There are two things that I have read that continue to occupy my thoughts and random moments. The first is the section in Milton's Paradise Lost when Adam goes to sleep and has a dream that he is flying over Eden with God and comes to realize that he was not sleeping but awake (Keats sums this up saying, "The imagination may be compared to Adam's dream, - he awoke and found it truth"). The second is the allegory of the cave from Plato's Republic. That takes a bit more to explain, but it is what I decided upon as the inspiration for the title of my blog.

I think this allegory can be relevant to the way that many people live today. It seems that when one spends his or her life amongst the same things and ideas without ever striving to challenge the existing frameworks, then that person is really not different than the people in Plato's cave. In other words, how can man have an understanding of the world around himself when he has only ever looked at the shadows on the wall? It is my hope and goal that this blog will offer a view of the world away from the metaphoric cave.