22 October 2014

In Swaziland, "the path to freedom goes through prison"

In Swaziland, freedom of speech does not exist. Criticize the King or expose the government and prison is possible. That is what happened to Thulani Maseko, a human rights lawyer and Bheki Makhubu, journalist and editor of the Nation magazine, earlier this year. The two soon stand trial to appeal their two year prison sentences. The above video brings attention to the injustice faced by the two men.

"When freedom is taken away, it becomes the onerous and supreme duty of men to reclaim it from the oppressor. For giving up freedom is tantamount to giving away man’s right to dignity. One can have no dignity without his or her freedom. Without our freedom we are a people without a soul," said Maseko in a July 2014 Statement from the Dock.

"The path to freedom goes through prison, but the triumph of justice over evil is inevitable. Nothing this Court can do will shake me from my commitment to simple truth and simple justice."