22 April 2014

Week in Review: Styling and stories from the past week

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Picture of the Day

The vintage styling of Namibian fashion designer Lourens Gebhardt. See more on his tumblr page.

Good Reads
  • Harrison Ford tells the back story for what led to the iconic sword/gun fight scene in Indian Jones, in a reddit AMA.
  • This map shows the number of executions by US state as of 2014.
  • The NY Times investigates the handling of the Jamies Winston rape investigation, revealing just how terribly law enforcement did in its job.
  • A Raiders cheerleader sues the team for unfair working conditions and paying her below minimum wage. 
  • A Princeton study on US policy finds the rich get what they want and the middle class are left out. America is an oligarchy, they conclude.
  • Supposedly America’s 50 best coffee shops. The few I've been to that are on the list are excellent. 
  • Neat visual and interactive reporting explaining trends in how Americans die. Most of it is good news
  • Africa's many obstacles have allowed for local entrepreneurs to beat the West at reinventing money for the mobile age.
  • How the Africa's many obstacles, from widespread poverty to failed states, allowed African entrepreneurs to beat the West at reinventing money for the mobile age.
  • Washington's remorse over standing by during the genocide 20 years ago is enabling repression today, says Howard French. 
  • Why We Should Be Paying Attention to Elections in Burkina Faso.