29 April 2014

Prime Time Cable News Ignores HIV/AIDS - Report

When important news about HIV and/or AIDS breaks, do not tune into the evening news on Fox News, MSNBC or CNN. They probably won't report it.

That is the basic lesson of an analysis of coverage of the issue by Media Matters, for 2013 and the first quarter of 2014. Despite some rather notable breakthroughs, developments and announcements that have taken place over the last year, HIV/AIDS is not a priority issue for the leading cable news networks.

cable news HIV

CNN lead the way with a whopping 11 mentions, in 2013. Its more opinion-oriented competitors did worse with only 4 mentions each. To make matters worse, the few mentions did not often involve an actual expert on HIV/AIDS.

This year is not looking all that much better. MSNBC is holding steady with its pace of one story every three months. Fox News and CNN are lagging in their paltry coverage of the topic. It has not been for a lack of stories to cover.

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