04 March 2014

Weigh In: What are the 100 most critical questions in development?

A team over at Sheffield University is trying to determine the questions that will help define how the post-2015 agenda can be addressed in a realistic and evidenced way. A friend of the blog, Linda Raftree, is a part of the effort and wants to hear from you. Participate by sending in your ‘critical questions’ to ensure that the process is as broadly representative, savvy and pertinent as possible.

Here's the lowdown as explained by Linda:

ID100: The Hundred Most Important Questions in International Development asks individuals and organizations from across policy, practice and academia the opportunity to submit questions that address the world’s biggest environmental, political and socioeconomic problems. These will then be shortlisted down to a final set of 100 questions following a debate and voting process with representatives from leading development organizations.

The final list of questions will be published as policy report and in a leading academic journal. Similar priority-setting exercises, in fields ranging from biodiversity conservation to food security, have been instrumental in framing global research priorities for policy development and implementation.

You can submit up to five questions related to key issues in international development. You are encouraged to involve colleagues in the formulation of these questions.

Please submit your questions by March 25th – and check the submission guidelines before formulating questions. More information on the project can be accessed on the ID100 website. Hashtag: #1D100.