28 March 2014

This Week from the Cave (March 28)

Articles He Wrote
Caryn Kaufman knew little about TB until her son contracted the infection from his teacher in 2009. The two are now advocating for TB support in DC.
Genetically modified cotton is not behind suicides in India, but it is also not solving the country's main problem of poverty.
Women farmers are far less productive than their male counterparts. Inputs are a part of the problem, but a new report shows that there are other reasons.
It has been a year since a coup in the Central African Republic started the nation on a downward spiral. It has been a struggle to get the public attention necessary to resolve the political and security crisis in the country.

Mega-dams might not be worth the trouble

New research on mega-dam projects show that they are likely not that great of an investment for governments.
A quick animated video makes the case.
You might already know that it is huge in Kenya, but what about elsewhere on the continent?
Gif Me a Break
Wayne Rooney with the goal of the week.
Good Reads
  • “You Americans don’t know how to rest,” he said. “You rest only to work better.”
  • Forget gas prices, breakfast costs you more than it used to.
  • Did you make yourself into a LEGO figure for a job? I didn't think so.
  • Use the Slate widget to find out how Gwyneth Paltrow would describe your relationship status. 
  • ESPN breaks down the anatomy of a pitch using 7 pitchers from the D-Backs.
  • A long explanation for why Netflix streaming and other online movie services stink.
  • Is the Wu-Tang Clan's one copy of their new album concept a game changer?
  • Thought-provoking piece on the contradictions inherent in humanely raising animals.
  • A convincing argument against the claims that charity is a sufficient social safety net.
  • Documentary maker Errol Morris provides a glimpse (in four parts) into his new film on Donald Rumsfeld.
  • In case the fact that peeing in the pool is gross does not convince you to resist doing so, new research shows of the actual harmcaused by the act.
  • Best in Satire: The Daily Show makes fun of Morning Joe and Colbert one ups Good Morning America's attempt to be hip to the youth.
Song of the Week

Development Goodies

  • comprehensive report from Jina Moore on vulture funds (aka distressed-debt investments) in Africa.
  • In the matter of two days, World Vision USA ended its ban against hiring gay married staff to once again banning it.
  • David McKenzie tears into Bill Easterly's new book.
  • collection of videos from African countries that are getting in on Pharrell's Happy music video dancing.
  • How can we talk about gender-based violence if we can't even agree on a definition?
  • Remember all the campaigns to end conflict minerals? Turns out they are not necessarily behind violence in the Congo.
  • Development interview of the week involves Jeff Sachs and Russ Roberts. Some notable parts excerpted.
  • The UN is reportedly set to close down IRIN, a valuable news source on the global south. Consider signing the petition.
Cutest Photo of the Week
Want to see more pictures of him sleeping with the dog? Thought so. Go here.