10 March 2014

A Week in Review: March 10 Edition

Columns He Wrote

Oscar winner shines light on problem of modern slavery
The closing remarks in Steve McQueen's Oscar acceptance speech drew attention to the global problem of modern day slavery.

Containing global violence costs nearly $10 trillion a year
A Institute for Economics and Peace study estimates that the world spent $9.46 trillion to contain violence, in 2012. I spoke with Michelle Breslauer, the Americas Program Manager, about it.

South African nations off pace for MDGs on water and sanitation
Only two countries in Southern Africa are likely to achieve improved access to safe water and improved sanitation, by the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The more than 100 million people without safe water and the 174 million without proper sanitation face serious health risks, due to the problem.

What if Syria’s civil war happened in London?
A new video from Save the Children UK imagines the affect of a conflict like the civil war in Syria on a British girl.
Last week saw more attacks and newly confirmed cases of polio in Pakistan, where the anti-polio effort faces continued challenges.

UN-appointed expert latest to pin Haiti cholera blame on peacekeepers
The latest development in the more than three year old cholera outbreak in Haiti saw another finger pointed towards the United Nations.

Gif Me a Break

Think McQueen was happy about winning?

Good Reads
  • How wrong is the time on your watch compared to the time according to the sun? 
  • Evidence that brain trauma affects real football players (soccer, for the clueless). 
  • In case you needed a reminder how to write about female politicians 'without sounding like a sexist shithead.' 
  • You didn't say the magic word
  • Some much needed context about Kim Novak and the criticisms of her 'frozen' face. 
  • Reporter travels to see if sponsoring a child in Haiti actually made a difference, 13 years later. 
  • Love means being able to endure traffic together. 
  • The East Coast is full of wimps.
  • People are more convinced they are right after being told they are wrong. Not such good news for dealing with vaccine skeptics and climate change deniers.
  • You have seen the famous American televangelists, now meet the tele imams of Senegal.
  • Boston is the 4th most unequal city in America. Here are how other cities fare on income inequality.
Song of the Week

This is in the early running for Song of the Year.

Aid and Development Goodies
  • J shares early results from his aid worker survey and the responses are interesting, to say the least.
  • Shocking! Oxfamer disagrees with Princeton University professor Angus Deaton's book that slams aid.
  • More honest advice on how to survive the life of an aid worker. 
  • Photos: The haunting ghost-city built by the Chinese in Angola.
  • Some good points refuting Michaela Wrong's defense of western journalism in Africa. 

Silly rabbit, gold is for kids.
I think Bitcoin is fine,” [Stephen Colbert] said. “After all, I don’t understand gold. Gold never loses its value because it’s shiny? When the apocalypse comes I’m not going to be investing in Bitcoin or gold. I’ll invest in sheep, potable water, and tradable women.