14 March 2014

A Week in the Life: March 14 Edition

Gif me a Break

It didn't quite live up to its promise, but True Detective was darn good.

Columns He Wrote

How the UK benefits from immigration
#MigrationMatters: Immigration has been a good thing for the UK, especially since opening up to more European countries in the 2000s, say researchers.

End of extreme poverty by 2030? Not so fast
If the forces that keep people in poverty are not addressed soon, there could be as many as 1 billion people living in extreme poverty in 2030.

Which African city Tweets the most?
Can you guess the top 5?

UK response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines makes the grade
Survey says, the UK did a very good job in its response to the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Map of the Day: Africa as a Banana Republic
Africa as bananas, South America as citrus and India as spices.

Calls grow louder for urgent action to protect Syria’s children
The present situation for Syria's children is bad. Three years have passed and a generation is caught in the middle. More groups are calling for action now.

Another class-action lawsuit brought against the UN for cholera in Haiti
A new class-action lawsuit against the UN was filed in a Brooklyn federal court, on Tuesday. Some 1,500 victims of the cholera outbreak in Haiti are seeking compensation from the UN for causing the outbreak.
    Song of the Week

    I just wanna be yours...

    Good Reads
    • In case you didn't think money buys access to Congress, here is actual evidence.
    • That time that Teju Cole created a story for Twitter with accounts for the narrator and the characters.
    • Catching up with Invisible Children two years after Kony 2012 and the ensuing fall out.
    • That time President Obama went on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis 
    • Forget worrying about the 1%, we need to talk about the poorest 20%, argues Sendhil Mullainthan.
    • Terrible headline aside, a comprehensive report on Russ Feingold's work as envoy to the DR Congo.
    • Meet the migrant workers who are dying to pick your fruit.
    • How about that great American health system that is seeing relatively high rates of maternal mortality?
    • The BBC believes you only read 6 of these 100 books. How many have you read?  (I got 26) 
    • Catching up with the man who is hiking around the world in seven years.
    • The Summer can't come soon enough, for relationships.
    • USA Today's guide to hipster Boston probably did not talk to actual hipsters about where to go.
    • People are not happy with Vox Media hiring Brandon Ambrosino. Andrew Sullivan defends the decision.
    • #itooamharvard (a week late to this, but still great)
      Pi Day Reality
      Aid and Development Goodies
      • Are cash transfers overrated? Kevin Starr says yes and Chris Blattman says he is sort of right
      • 11 Africa Myths Busted By "The Bright Continent"
      • Lauren Wolfe of the important Women Under Siege Project tells the story of three women in the DRC, and their recoveries from rape. 
      • Pretty much all you need to know about Haiti, its ongoing cholera outbreak and the  lame response to the problem so far.
      • Nina Munk talks about Jeff Sachs and aid with Owen Barder. 
      Political Video of the Week

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