17 May 2013

Mitchell Argues for Patience and Cooperation with Rwanda

Former UK development chief Andrew Mitchell makes the case for providing aid to Rwanda in an interview with the Guardian. You may remember the controversy following his decision to resume aid to Rwanda just before leaving his post.
"The closeness of the relationship gives us a chance to talk about issues of concern, what really is effective on behalf of the people of Rwanda. If you look at issues of press freedom and political freedom, we are always seeking to nudge the government in the right direction. There is evidence of progress on both counts and that is in the best interest of the Rwandan people and of our relationship with them," he says.

"You have to exercise a degree of strategic patience and not expect the perfect society to be created overnight. It does take time. What's most important is the direction they're going and, with both Ethiopia and Rwanda, there are grounds for optimism."
Read the full article here, where you can also see a video interview with Mitchell.