29 May 2013

A Well Researched Book on the LRA

The Lord’s Resistance Army deserves to be read widely. It is accessible to nonspecialists, undergraduates, and policy practitioners, and it contains clear policy prescriptions on a wide variety of subjects including transitional justice, peace-building, and the rehabilitation of child soldiers. The contributors base their analyses on empirical evidence rather than the hyperbole and hysteria that have characterized so much of the LRA debate. By viewing the LRA crisis as a broad regional issue with complex political, economic, and social dimensions, this volume offers a challenging but realistic path to sustainable peace.
That is Laura Seay reviewing The Lord’s Resistance Army: Myth and Reality by Tim Allen and Koen Vlassenroot, for the African Studies Review. Seay makes the case for reading the book as a sort of antidote to the simplistic mass advocacy campaigns such as Kony 2012.

Read the review here.