24 April 2013

The Economic Power of Women

A report from Booz & Company shows that employing women in equal numbers to men could raise the United States’ GDP by 5%, Japan’s by 9%, the United Arab Emirates’ by 12%, and Egypt’s by a jaw-dropping 34%. "Even small increases in the opportunities available to women, and some release of the cultural and political constraints that hold them back, can lead to dramatic economic and social benefits," it says.
It feels like rather obvious finding, but it is always interesting to see it quantified. Fast Company's Ben Schiller highlights the findings of the study noting the negative impact of care-giving on economic participation.

Apparently women in developing countries spend 2.4 hours more in care giving roles than men do. That feels like a bit of a low number. I am interested in any other research into such disparities.

Read the full report here. (with thanks to Megan Dold for finding a working link)