13 March 2013

The Latest on the US International Affairs Budget

The US Global Leadership Coalition sent out an update yesterday evening that highlights where things currently stand in regards to the budget US international affairs following sequestration. Here are some of the highlights.

  1. Ryan's FY14 Budget Makes Deep Cuts - "The plan, which will be marked up in the Committee tomorrow, reduces federal spending by $4.6 trillion through FY2023 and provides $38.7 billion in base funding for the International Affairs Budget. This represents a 7% cut (-$3 billion) from current FY13 sequestered levels.

    The House funding level, if enacted, would mean that one of every four dollars of base funding for the International Affairs Budget will have been cut in just four years: the House budget proposal is 25% (-$12.8 billion) lower than FY10. The impact of these cuts is devastating to America’s ability to respond to today’s global security, economic and humanitarian challenges.""
  2. House and Senate FY Continuing Resolutions Largely The Same - Both reflect the 5% sequestration cuts, but the Senate version allows for greater flexibility as to how the cuts are applied within agencies. This matters as it would allow the administration to divert money towards priority programs and areas.
  3. Senate Increases Global Health Spending - "The Senate CR provides $2.61 billion for USAID health programs and $5.43 billion for PEPFAR. While both are below FY12 levels (due to sequestration), they are higher than the President requested for FY13. The Senate further provides $1.65 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, as requested, compared with $1.05 billion appropriated last year. (The State Department later raised this level to $1.3 billion.) By increasing resources for the Global Fund, however, the Senate bill reduces amounts available for PEPFAR."
  4. Senate will give $200 million more to development banks than House.
  5. More Disaster Funding From Senate - "The Senate proposes to dramatically increase funding within OCO for USAID’s International Disaster Assistance and State’s Migration and Refugee Assistance accounts. Collectively, within base and OCO resources, the Senate measure provides $4.2 billion for the two accounts, 43% higher than FY12 (even after sequestration has been applied)."
  6. Senate increase contributions to international peacekeeping activities by $1.9 billion.

International Affairs Budget Snapshot

FY12 Enacted
FY13 Current
FY13 House CR
FY13 Senate CR
FY14 House
Budget Res.
OCO (war)
Note: All FY13 figures are post-sequestration