19 February 2013

ABBAs Nominees So Far

To keep the nominations rolling and to encourage a more diverse set of finalists, I am sharing below the nominations so far in some major categories. Hopefully you will help identify some gaps and make more suggestions. All will likely not make it to the final vote, but this is where things stand right now.

Best Overall Blog

Chris Blattman; Turtle Bay; Aid Thoughts; Aid on the Edge of Chaos; How Matters; Open the Echo Chamber; Development Impact; Dev Policy; More Altitude; WhyDev; Marc Bellemare; Roving Bandit; From Poverty to Power; A View From the Cave; Kariobangi; Moses Kemimbaro; PesaTalk; Bankelele; CGD Blogs; Find What Works; Leapfrog.io; Aidnography; Blood and Milk; Owen Barder; Ken Opalo's Weblog

Best Twitter Feed

@alanna_shaikh, @richardhorton1, @texasinafrica, @Global_erinh, @tmsruge, @calestous, @viewfromthecave, @wmyeoh, @m_clem, @brettkeller, @rovingbandit, @rachelstrohm, @kenyanpundit, @whydev, @africanarguments, @beyondaid, @clairemelamed, @scott_gilmore, @leapfrogio, @kenyanentrepreneur, @coldtusker, @timharford, @glassmanamanda. @bill_easterly

Best NGO Blog

From Poverty to Power, American Jewish World Service, Impatient Optimists (I lean towards considering Gates a donor)

Best Global South Blog

Udasisi, Bankelele, Ken Opalo, Africa Unchained, White African, Kariobangi, Moses Kemimbaro, PesaTalk, Bankelele, http://superiorw.blogspot.com/, http://wamburu.wordpress.com, Crazy Nairobian, Nairibi Nights,

Best Donor Blog

Africa Can End Poverty (World Bank), Development Impact (World Bank), http://ausaid.govspace.gov.au/, DFID

Best News Source

Guardian Development, IRIN, Humanosphere, Google News, Devex, Reliefweb, DAWNS, Al Jazeera, Reddit, @viewfromthecave, Twitter, BBC, UN Dispatch, CGD, ONE Campaign

Who You Wish Would Blog

Xi Jinping, Michael Kremer, Sendhil Mullainthan, Bill Easterly, @thingsiknow, Ngaire Woods, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Andy Sumner, Susan Rice, Alex de Waal (I believe he does blog), Raila Odinga, Bill Gates, Paul Collier, Yaw Nyarko

Best Conference/Event

Engineers Without Borders National Conference, International AIDS Conference, Africa Gathering (London), UN Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Forum, DRI 2012, Mobile Money Conference (Nairobi), Millennium Campus Conference (described as 'so terrible it's awesome), 
CSAE Conference 2012: Economic Development in Africa, London Summit on Family Planning, Child Survival Call to Action

Is anything missing? Add more nominations: