25 January 2013

The ABBAs are Coming Back!

I considered letting them die this year. But the ABBAs are coming back. Nominations open next week for the best in aid blogging.

Go here to see the results from the 2011 edition.

Now would be the time for the crowd to make suggestions on ways to make it better this time around. Last year there was a problem of diversity. It is something I hope to rectify this year and will look to you for some help.

Also, there will be changes. I know that, for example, Chris Blattman will not be in the running for best blog. He won it to years in a row and it is time to move along. I would bet he could win it again this year, and for good reason. One thought is to form a panel of sorts with the past winners and have them account for half of the vote with the other half determined through an audience poll. That could protect against it being a popularity contest while still being influenced by the crowd.

Suggest away. I am all ears. I have tried not to take this too seriously, but the criticisms from last year force me to at least think a bit more about it this time around.