27 December 2012

Top of 2012 List

Rather than provide a retrospective post that relates to this blog, my work or even aid in development I want to end the year with a lighthearted post. Therefore, I present my top tracks from 2012. I really dug into Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE over the past week or so and I am obsessed to put it mildly.

Grimes has to be what I find to be the most surprising artist, for myself, this year. Her sound is layered upon almost entirely unintelligible lyrics. She is almost the exact opposite of the stripped down track Laura by Bat for Lashes and everything song by The XX. For some reason the experimentation that goes only as far as a pop song can go makes for some captivating songs.

I am taking advantage of the slow pace that characterizes the end of the year to listen to as much 2012 music as possible. It is what allowed me to find Grimes and will ultimately lead me to more tracks that will soon join the initial 30.

If you listen to one song, make it Frank Ocean's performance of Thinkin Bout You from SNL this fall (video at the top). You will thank me later.

Feel free to offer up other suggestions and even criticize my selections.

Happy New Year and back to the regularly scheduled program in 2013