07 December 2012

Shameless Audience Bleg - IRP Fellowship

The International Reporting Project (IRP) out of Johns Hopkins University is offering a new media fellowship for 2013. They are looking for journalists and media figures who are using new media and social media to report on health, development and innovation. I think that what I have been doing on A View From the Cave both here and on Twitter fits quite well into with IRP wants for the fellowship.

So, I am humbly asking all of you for some help. I want to launch a mini-campaign to help convince IRP that I should be one of their fellows next year. All I ask is for a few kind words directed at the IRP Twitter feed @IRPChirps (#fellowshipforthecave), or a comment on their Facebook Page, or a comment right here on this blog post.

I have been working on this space for free for a few years now and would love to dedicate even more time to covering aid and development. The grant will allow for that effort since it will provide a modest financial injection. If I get the fellowship, my goal will be to provide you with more reporting, information and analysis while focusing in on some large stories. Specifically  I would pursue stories regarding the development of the Post-2015 agenda and investigate the development and innovations within the water sector.

Thanks, as always, for reading and I appreciate your support.