16 November 2012

DAWNS Goes Mobile! Join the Experiment.

We have a new mobile app. We think this app can lay the groundwork for a sustainable and revolutionary new model for supporting global humanitarian journalism.

Here’s why.

We started DAWNS Digest on a hunch that a community of global news consumers could be nurtured, inspired and empowered to support compelling global humanitarian journalism. Our idea was pretty simple: We sell subscriptions to a global humanitarian news aggregation service to people who value easy access to that kind of news, then use our revenue to support nuanced international reporting and storytelling that this community craves.

We are one year into this experiment and we think we are onto something. So far, major international NGOs and government agencies, students, and the general news consuming public have signed up for an email version of our aggregation service. Through a competitive voting process, these subscribers helped chose three very interesting international reporting projects to support over the past year.

With the launch of our new mobile app, we think we can take this model to the next level. You can learn about all the great features of our mobile here, but the reasoning behind it is what I want to emphasize. We think 1) There are a few thousand people out there who would pay a couple dollars a month to receive timely updates on parts of the world the mainstream media tends to ignore. 2) This community has a rooting interest to help journalists, photographers, and online media tell local stories of global significance.

Over the past year, we have found that this process helps develop a community, ensures that audiences can access stories of interest to them, and provides journalists with the chance to pursue stories that might otherwise not be told.

We have not yet reached our few thousand subscriber threshold, but with or new app we think we can. If we succeed, we would be pioneering a sustainable financial model to support global development and international human rights reporting.

That’s our gamble. And that’s why we are launching DAWNS Digest mobile. Join us.