16 October 2012

What Rebel Group is More Dangerous in DRC?

When discussing the nature of the M23 rebellion in the DRC, it makes perfect sense to talk to a journalist who just made a trip to Goma. At least that is what is acceptable for the Daily Best. VICE Magazine editor Thomas Morton recently visited the DRC and sat down to talk with Tony Dokoupil of the Daily Beast to explain why the M23 rebels are a greater concern than the LRA.

Setting aside the problems with even discussing which rebel group is worse, could the Daily Beast have possibly brought in an expert on the region to discuss the situation? There weren't any other journalists who are actually based in the region available to join the conversation? The answer, to the Daily Beast, appears to be no. Unfortunately, a conversation about a problem that does in fact deserve more attention is diverted because of a need to compare what is happening to the LRA.