09 October 2012

Kony to March on Washington, Reports Guardian

Small error from the Guardian (emphasis added):
He told Today: "It was so chaotic. It was so exciting because it felt like the world was for us, and then at the same time it was heartbreaking and felt almost like a nightmare because it felt like the world was against us." 
He added: "My mind couldn't stop thinking about the future – I literally thought I was responsible for the future of humanity. It started to get into the point where my mind finally turned against me and there was a moment that click, I wasn't in control of my mind or my body." 
As well as the new video, which has already been seen by tens of thousands of people, Kony is planning a November 17 march on the White House to further highlight the crimes of the Lord's Resistance Army.
See the original here.

HT Salil Tripathi