03 October 2012

Advertising on AVFTC

I took a dogmatic stance against advertisements on this blog for the past few years. I liked the idea of it being free from clutter and advertisements that took attention away from the blog posts. That idealism met up with reality. I love writing here and feel that I am stumbling onto something that will eventually be much better and useful to aid and development. Money needs to flow to my bank account to make that happen, so I am testing out advertisements.

On the right-hand side you will see the logo of the One Acre Fund.That will appear here for the next month. They are making a big drive to recruit new staff to work with them across Africa. I lucked out since I think they are doing neat and innovative work in the area of agriculture, so adding them here was not all that hard of a decision.

I cannot say for sure what may come of this. More ads might appear here or this might be the first and last one to appear on this site. My goal will always to make sure that ads get their due notice, but do not burden readers in any way by making ads bothersome.

Most importantly, the ads are not an implicit or explicit endorsement of an organization, product or company. I will exercise choice over what ads appear hear, but that will not prevent me from continuing to write about aid and development. If an advertiser happens to have a problematic program, I will write about it. If they are doing something of interest, I will write about it as well.

As I always do, please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions. I spend quite a bit of time on this space each day with the hope that it is useful to you. Fortunately I am doing other things that pay the bills, but eeking by and doing something for free is not sustainable by any means.