19 September 2012

Welcome Back Students

To all of you college students and new readers, welcome to A View From the Cave.

I am aware that some of your professors recommend this as a place to read and I appreciate you stopping on by for some reading. On this blog you will find a mix of posts that cover issues related to international development and aid. Some posts will be quick pointers to recent articles, a few will be original reporting, you will get to read some (hopefully) fascinating interviews and be treated to the occasional infographic.

Comments are welcome and are frankly encouraged.

The point of this is actually to point you to two other things I am doing that I believe will be helpful to you all. First, I write the Impact blog for the NGO Population Services International (PSI). I focus on global health stories and happenings. Each morning, I put together a collection of top global health news called the Healthy Dose. It publishes by 9AM and you can even sign up to have it delivered to your inbox each morning.

If you are more interested in humanitarian news, then the DAWNS Digest is your answer. Mark Goldberg of UN Dispatch fame and I put together an email-based rundown of the top stories related to issues of development, aid, transparency, governance and more. It comes at a very small cost, but you are able to take it out for a one month test drive in order to see if you really like it. A mobile app is in its final stages of development that will bring you the same hand-picked news as well as a curated and searchable RSS feed that will maximize your news needs. The best part about DAWNS is that the money we make gets spun off to support journalism and storytelling projects through micro-grants

Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to connect on Twitter, drop me a line (murph@aviewfromthecave.com) any time and let me know if you happen to be in the Boston area, I'm always game to meet up and talk development.