17 September 2012

In NYC for UN Madness Week

The UN gathers annually with its general meeting in NYC and the side events just sprout up. I will be in town to participate as a UN Foundation fellow this week, will shuttle between the Social Good Summit and Clinton Global Initiative over the weekend and into next week, hang around the city for a few days and then attend the Global Festival on Saturday.

The past two years I have tried to strike a balance of developing articles and mixing in some live coverage. This time around, I am going to play to what I believe to be my strengths. That means I will try to amp up my blogging, tweet like a madman and play around with instagram. The goal will be to get information out in a rapid process. That will include straight notes, quick reflections on an event, live blogging and some more traditional blog posts. Hopefully, the higher frequency will give you a taste of what is happening and allow larger trends and ideas to emerge. A bigger story or two may come along down the line because of what is shared, but I hope to make this as live as possible.

It is going to be a busy two weeks, but there will be some time to get together. A tweet up will be held on Saturday at the end of the Social Good Summit with a location pending. I will have some time during the events and a lot of free time at the end of next week. So, drop me a line if you will be at town participating in all the UN madness or if you want to grab a coffee/drink at some point.