20 August 2012

Come Hang Out and Talk Water Transparency

I'm still at Humanosphere for the rest of the week. Will be back here in full swing next Monday.

In the lead up to World Water Week in Stockholm, several organizations are coming together to draw attention to the critical issue of water sector transparency.  I have the pleasure of joining the online discussion hosted by Water For People on a Google+ Hangout. You can tune in Tuesday morning at 11AM EST to the discussion and even participate through twitter and YouTube. 

I will be sure to keep up a window for twitter (@viewfromthecave) if you have some ideas, comments or questions that you want to get into the tight discussion. There will be a big list of people with only a little time to speak. In the discussion I will lay out why I find the water industry so interesting. Yes, it has something to do with transparency.

More details

On Tuesday, August 21, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM EST, watch the video broadcast LIVE.

Sector leaders participating in this event are:
·         Jae So, Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP)
·         Patrick Moriarty, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre
·         James Leten, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
·         Ned Breslin, Water For People
·         Jennifer Platt, WASH Advocates
·         Alexandra Malmqvist, Water Integrity Network
·         Rachel Cardone, Independent Consultant
·         Tom Murphy, A View from the Cave
·         Anthony Franco, EffectiveUI

We will discuss themes such as:
·         The shifting transparency debate: from expenditures to lasting impact
·         How increased transparency improves the quality of our work
·         Tools/techniques the sector is embracing to increase transparency

Don’t forget to tune in on the 21st at 11:00AM EST.  You won’t want to miss it!