06 July 2012

The NRA Has No Clue About the UN

The CEO of the National Rifle Associate, Wayne LaPierre, sat down with hard hitting journalist Megyn Kelly to discuss the problems with the debated UN treaty on fire arms. LaPierre displays a complete lack of the UN during the interview, does a brilliant job of bringing up Syria to say the UN's priorities are wrong and even manages to connect mass atrocities to potential atrocities in the US because of what the UN does or does not do.

Kelly does a nice job of not once challenging him on his assertions. She is not bothered by the fact that the treaty will not regulate domestic arms trade nor willing to point out that small fact to LaPierre.

I'll leave you with LaPierre's own words:
The fact is the UN doesn't protect people, it doesn't save the innocent. You could stack to the ceiling the bodies of the innocent a thousand times over that the UN has failed to protect. The dead people don't get to vote on this UN treaty. And Americans don't want to be added to that pile of dead people left defenseless by the UN policies.
HT Sean Langberg