16 July 2012

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love COD Aid

So Nancy Birdsall does not actually use that phrase or title her talk by employing an overused reference to Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove, but I went there.

The video at the top is Birdsall delivering her DevTalk from the Frontiers in Development Conference last month. It is the wonky attempt to bring a TED talk to aid and development. Kidding aside, cash-on-delivery is an interesting idea. Everyone has their thoughts about it, but there is little disagreement with Birdsall's main point that there are too many meetings and too much planning going on.

Birdsall must be a Dave Matthews fan given her push to "pay for what you get." Maybe she listened to the song before the presentation...
Work ourselves, fingers to the bone
Suck the marrow, drain my soul
Pay your dues, and your debts
Pay your respects, everybody tells you
You pay for what you get
Most importantly, COD aid starting to be piloted in some countries. Most notable is the use by DfID in Ethiopia. Give the video a quick view if COD aid is a new topic to you. It's an idea worth noting.