20 July 2012

Congress to the UN: Cholera in Haiti is your Fault, Now Fix it

A letter from a group of Democratic members of Congress to Ambassador Rice urges her to hold the UN accountable for it having brought cholera to Haiti and ensure that the body takes the lead role in treating the current outbreak, preventing its spread and ensuring that safe water systems are in place so it does not happen again. "As cholera was brought to Haiti due to the actions of the UN, we believe that it is imperative for the UN to act decisively to control the cholera epidemic," they implore. "A failure to act will not only lead to countless more deaths: it will undermine the crucial effort to reconstruct Haiti and will post a permanent health threat to the populations of neighboring nations."

Curious that the letter is only signed by Democrats. This seems like it would have bipartisan support. Any insights from the crowd?

Read the full letter:

HT Jonathan Katz