11 July 2012

Concerns about the New Direction for the Global Health Initiative

The glass is worse than half-empty for Amanda Glassman who writes in the CGD blog:
I worry about the diplomatization of U.S. global health. To start, it seems short-sighted to put so much control into the hands of the State Department, since it will not always be run by someone as friendly or interested in global health as Secretary Clinton. Do we really want country-based ambassadors directing U.S. inter-agency efforts in global health? What are their qualifications to do so, and what has been their track record thus far? If the State Department wants to create an Office of Global Health Diplomacy, fine enough. But ambassadorial leadership and increased diplomacy on their own are unlikely to move the GHI goals forward dramatically. 
The bottom line: GHI 1.0 failed on the hard questions, and GHI 2.0 isn’t even trying.
Failure to Launch: A Post-Mortem of GHI 1.0 by Amanda Glassman