19 June 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Twitter

Foreign Policy released their annual Twitteratti 2012 list. Somehow I managed to sneak on it in the 'wonk' category with some people who are quite brilliant inside and outside of the twittersphere.

The kind inclusion lead to a bunch of new followers and likely visitors to this space. So, while I have some small amount of attention related to foreign policy and twitter, I want to share some others who did not make the list, but are worth your follow.

I present you with the unofficial 2012 Caveratti (in no particular order and subject to change):

Laura Seay - @texasinafrica - Morehouse Prof and Lakes Region Expert
Lee Crawfurd - @rovingbandit - Randomista and South Sudan expert
Alex Thurston - @sahelblog - PhD candidate with stellar analysis of the greater Sahel/West African region
TMS Ruge - @tmsruge - Villiages in Action Founder and African activist
Todd Moss - @toddjmoss - He says it best himself,"working on oil, US-Africa policy, IDA, Sahel, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and criticizing USG hole-of-govt"
Linda Raftree - @meowtree - ICT4D
J. - @talesfromthhood - Anon aid worker, A must follow
Eliza Anyangwe - @ElizaTalks - Africa Gathering and ICT4D
Jason Stearns - @jasonkstearns - Central Africa analyst and Congo Expert
Josh Ruxin - @joshruxin - Rwanda Works founder
Scott Gilmore - @scott_gilmore - Building Markets founder
Katherine Maher - @krmaher - Tech for development and human rights activist and evangelist
Ken Banks - @kiwanja - ICT4D expert and FronelineSMS Founder
Tate Watkins - @tatewatkins - Reporter in Haiti
Calestous Juma - @calestous - African Ag Expert and Harvard Prof. He tweets A LOT, but is full of good information and links.
Alanna Shaikh - @alanna_shaikh - global health expert and TED fellow
Elmira Bayrasli - @endeavoringe - Turkey expert and with a pulse on entrepreneurship
Richard Horton - @richardhorton1 - Lancet Editor who is not afraid to share his vision for the Global Fund and WHO
Rosebel Kagumire - @RosebellK - Ugandan journlist
Ory Okolloh - @KenyanPundit - Google Africa and co-founder of Ushahidi
Solome Lemma - @InnovateAfrica - Social entrepreneurship and African diaspora
Semhar Araia - @semhar - Founder of @DAWNInc
Idilay Bilan - @IdiAuslander - Blogger, feminist, and pot-stirrer
Ian Thorpe - @ithorpe - UN knowledge management specialist
Ed Carr - @edwardrcarr - At the crossroads of environment and development
Marc Bellemare - @mfbellemare - Food Security expert
Kate Cronin-Furman and Amanda Taub - @WrongingRights - A pair which can easily mix snark with hard hitting analysis on issues ranging from Kony 2012 to the ICC.
Chris Blattman - @cblatts - Political Scientists focusing on recovery from conflict in African states such as Uganda and Liberia
Amanda Glassman - @glassmanamanda - CGD global health expert
Lauren Jenkins - @laurenist - Conflict kid with a dash of celebrity snark
Penelope Chester - @penelopeinparis - UN Dispatch contributor and solid Western Africa source
Carol Gallo - @carol_gallo - DRC focused PhD student
Dan Solomon - @danatgu - Georgetown student, International security maven, future foreign policy star
Sean Langberg - @seanlangberg - UNC student and DRC advocate
Bec Hamilton - @bechamilton - Sudan and ICC expert, Author of the fantastic Fighting for Darfur

I will add more to this list. For some gender balance and more great people to follow, check out this crowd sourced FP Womeratti list.