23 May 2012

What is the connection between religion and birth rate? Hans Rosling Answers

Hans Rosling brings data alive once again in his latest released TED talk. This time, he organizes countries by religion and compares the average number of children against the per capita income for each country.

Rosling opines that babies decrease per women when:
  1. Children survive
  2. Many children are not needed for work
  3. Women get education and join the labor force
  4. Family planning is acceptable
Those look like conclusions that will excite the girl-up crowd. The trouble is that knowing this information is helpful, but the order of accomplishment is a bit hazier.

Not surprising, the data shows that religion has little to do with the number of babies in the world. The section that I found most illuminating is his explanation of how the population can grow to 10 billion over the next few decades with a stagnant global birth rate.

Anyways, watch it for yourself:

Correction: I changed "determined" to "opines" to more accurately describe the four indicators that Rosling says contributes to the decline of birth rates.