09 May 2012

Interview with Mama Hope Founder [Video]

Guest post by Jaclyn Schiff

It happens multiple times a day. A nonprofit uploads a video to YouTube hoping to attract some attention for its cause. The result? A few hundred, perhaps even a couple thousand views. But these videos rarely attract much attention from people who aren't already involved with the cause.

Enter Mama Hope. So far, its three "Stop the Pity" campaign videos have collectively generated well over one million views on YouTube -- evidence that the organization is doing something very right. Or wrong. So I interviewed Mama Hope's founder to get the story in her own words.

This is part of a series of interviews for Pangea, a new online show for people interested in global issues. I welcome your thoughts on the interview, questions and ideas in the comments. Or catch me on Twitter -- @J_Schiff.

Tom's take: I am happy to share this video from Jaclyn. Nyla Rodgers discusses the motivations for the organization and the Stop the Pity Campaign. I wrote about a week ago that the authors of the stories need to change with the content. The video makes it clear that Rodgers is looking for ways to change the stories that are being told and who gets to tell them. She reveals a bit about projects where kids were given video cameras to tape what they want. She said one features a young boy giving a proud tour of his home and village. Hopefully, videos like that can make their way into the mix as a part of the campaign. Jaclyn asks Rodgers about the criticism from Elliot Ross in regards to the recent video, but I will not spoil her answer. What I find encouraging is an organization that is looking to try something different and is willing to talk about the process and motivations. Certainly there is room for improvement, but an open discussion is indicative of a willingness to learn.