02 May 2012

Blogging Against Hunger

The official announcement of famine was declared in the Horn of Africa last July. A year earlier, the USAID Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) warned of low rainfall in the region due to La Nina which historically is associated with a low rainfall in the Horn from October to December. 
FEWS NET issued another warning in June, but mobilization for support did not pick up until the famine declaration. The warnings succeeded, but the actions were a bit too late. Fortunately, nations like Kenya and Ethiopia learned from the past droughts. While the conditions for drought are out of anyone’s control, famine can be avoided. 
That is the first two paragraphs of my quick post for the FAO's Ending Hunger blog. I attempt to connect the famine in the Horn of Africa with the developing crisis in the Sahel. In short, the end of hunger is actually possible. The success of Ethiopia and Kenya and the failure of Somalia in the face of drought shows how countries can mitigate the impact of drought. I had to try to say as much as possible in a short space, hopefully I accomplished that end.

Read the full post here and let me know what you think.