19 April 2012

A Ugandan Entrepreneur Looks for Answers in the Global Market

Andrew Rugasira, founder and CEO of Good African Coffee (Bill Easterly gave it his thumbs up), speaks at the DRI conference last month. The conference focused on development debates and the question sections showed that some panel members struck a nerve with the audience. 

Rugasira's mid-day talk was different. He spoke of the development of markets in Uganda, getting money to allow businesses to grow and standing aside for innovation at the ground level. The audience cheered at the end and asked him questions based on his experiences and how to unleash other entrepreneurs. Needless to say, the talk is well worth the time to watch.

On Sunday I wrote in the GlobalPost that we need to find and share stories about innovation and resilience to combat the dignity-stripping narrative of Africa as a single helpless place. Andrew is a great example of how the dominant narrative can begin to change.

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