10 April 2012

Things I Like: No Women No Peace

"You can't build peace by leaving half of the people out," says a woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in last year's campaign video by the No Women No Peace campaign.  She stands front and center and tells why she is advocating for the inclusion of women in the reconciliation and peace process in the DRC. The video then expands to women from other countries who talk about inclusion.

The video stays centered on women who are advocating for the very same things, but speak for themselves and not others. It is subtle, but an important part of the campaign and video. The video plainly argues that female inclusion is vital to the realization of peace around the world. Every person has a role to play given that their home country has an impact on others throughout the world.

The video does not tell the viewer what we can do for the women from the DRC or for any of the women in the video. Rather it gives the message of gender equality. Removing the help dynamic maintains the power and dignity within each women featured and extends to women as a whole.

We could use a whole lot more campaigns like this one. Later this week, I will feature a campaign by CARE that does the same thing through a single photo and three words: "I am powerful."

HT Duncan Green for sharing the video earlier today on FP2P