17 April 2012

The Stream Talks Aid and #Dignity2012

TMS “Teddy” Ruge, Co-Founder of Project Diaspora and Joel Charny, Vice President for Humanitarian Policy at InterAction sit down on the orange couch yesterday to discuss the way aid is marketed and disbursed in Africa. "The dehumanizing comes into the fact we have to be continually looked at as recipients, as the poor, as if the only thing we have to offer are these beans so you can buy them in your coffee," explained Teddy. That is why A Day Without Dignity came into existence last year and was held yesterday. The hope is to find ways to shift the story of Africa from a single continent of misery to a place full of many countries, people, desires, cultures and experiences.

Charny struck a middle chord which I believe to be right. He argues taking the feelings of solidarity that do resonate with people and leverage it into better information and advocacy. "I don't want to get into this situation where we are discouraging this feeling or say, 'don't care,'" he explains.

The program continues to then feature further discussions and great questions from Laura Seay, who delivers the money quote, "I don't need another basket made by a refugee woman," when asking about how to get real trade and job growth, and Karen Attiah

Check it out and weigh in with your comments.