25 April 2012

Latest Happenings over at DAWNS

Mark and I are still pushing along with providing the latest news updates to your inbox each morning as a means to fund further journalism and storytelling.  We have a few exciting developments that we wanted to share.

1) We have given away another $500 grant! We have chipped in to the kickstarter of one of our DAWNS Digest subscribers, the photographer and multi-media journalist Anna Marie Barry-Jester and her partner, the investigative reporter Sasha Chavkin. Their project will document a mysterious kidney disease that is wreaking havoc in a Nicaraguan agricultural community. We are excited to support the important journalism this duo will produce. You can learn more about their project here and watch the video below.

2) We are expanding the number of partner organizations that receive group editions of DAWNS Digest. We are now providing a specialized version of the Digest to USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. We add them to Overseas Development Institute and the Foundation for Sustainable Development as organizations that have benefited from a special relationship with DAWNS Digest. We are gratified that organizations on the front lines of aid and development work value our daily news round up. If you think your organization might benefit from receiving a specialized version of the Digest, please get in touch with us.

3) We are the recipients of a $2,000 grant from Humanity in Action! This is a transatlantic human rights organization, and the funding for this grant comes from the government of the Netherlands. We are using this funding to create a system of RSS feeds that will let subscribers opt for a more customized version of DAWNS Digest. This RSS system will also feed into a DAWNS Digest mobile app that we are developing. We are shooting for a June launch of DAWNS Digest 2.0 and the mobile app.

For those of you who have been following this project, we thank you for your inputs and support. As always, please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us. We want to make this as useful as possible for all of you. One thing we have learned, that is not so insightful, is that people want to access humanitarian news in ways beyond email. We kept it on email to make it as simple as possible, but understand that there are other alternatives.  Hopefully we will find better ways to get the latest humanitarian news and opinions to you.

To learn more about DAWNS, our digest and mission head on over to our website.