16 March 2012

Who Will be The Next World Bank President? Wanna Bet on it?

That's right! You can put your money where your mouth is and lay down a bet on the next World Bank president. An outside shot for Lula da Silva will yield you a nice reward if he wins. Sadly, the top 4 are all Americans (I could say 5 by including Geithner and including Dervis, but that is not entirely accurate) and seem to be the best bets for assuming the role. Dark horse candidate Jeffrey Sachs is now one of the favorites to assume the role as leader of the Bank.

Given that the options are so disappointing I want to launch the Birdsall for Bank Prez 2012 campaign. An American is going to assume the role. I want to be wrong about that statement, but it seems unlikely the US is ready to give up the post. With that in mind, Nancy Birdsall is my candidate. As the head of the excellent Center for Global Development, she will bring much needed accountability and transparency to the Bank. Under her watch, CGD has launched the innovative Cash on Delivery aid, it produced David Roodmen's excellent survey on the impact of microfinance, and sparked a debate with Bank president wannabe Jeffrey Sachs over the Millennium Village Project.

Who else is with me? Do you have another suggestion? Maybe you want to disagree with me that there is no chance of a non-American presidency.