14 March 2012

Tracking Ugandan Responses to #Kony2012

Al Jazeera set up a space for Ugandans to send in their thoughts and responses to the Kony 2012 video. There have been plenty of discussions (including on this blog) by people who are not from or living in Uganda. People can now SMS or email their thoughts on the video and the campaign. The responses are then mapped based on location (seen above) and coded with positive and negative view points. At present, most are against, but it is not an overwhelming majority.

These responses will still represent a small number of people. Access to the video and knowing about this opportunity will likely make this a set of responses by mostly middle class Ugandans. That is not to say their voices matter, this initiative is a welcome change, rather it is to point out that many are still not able to participate in these discussions who are affected by the campaign and policies supported.

Al Jazeera explains:
In the last couple of weeks many people internationally have been talking about the LRA and Joseph Kony. There have also been conversations about the children who have been affected, who some call “Invisible children”. 
The boys and girls that have been kidnapped by Kony’s soldiers. The boys have been forced to kill and maim and the girls to give sexual services. People are arguing over the facts and over the portrayal of the communities that have been affected. There has also been debate over the ethics of those, who say they have answers to the problem. 
Now the rest of the world has had their say Al Jazeera wants to hear from you inside Uganda. What do you think about the situation and what solutions do you have to share with the international community? If you have an opinion on this Tweet us on #UgandaSpeaks, SMS us on the numbers listed above and send your video to voices@aljazeera.net
If you are in Uganda and happen to read this, you can SMS in to these numbers to share your views:

SMS: +256 790 893828
SMS: +256 790 840728
SMS: +974 550 78998