14 March 2012

Reactions from a Kony 2012 Screening in Northern Uganda

Al Jazeera reports from a screening of Kony 2012 put on by a local NGO called the African Youth Initiative Network. The reporter characterizes the response as angry and features a few reactions. The fact that Americans are mostly featured is mentioned most and what seems to be the greatest offense. One man said, before seeing the film, that he was hoping to see something about northern Ugandans and the LRA. It may be that the expectations of the crowd were similar and the disdain grew out of the reality that Kony 2012's focus is away from Ugandan people.

I have seen other tweets about screenings that did not go well. Many are from journalist Ugandan journalist Rosebell Kagumire who attended the screening.

Update: Check out Mark Goldberg's post with an additional quote from Victor Ochen, the man who organized the film.