29 March 2012

Catching Kony with Humor?

The Enough Project teamed up with Funny or Die to produce this video starring Law and Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni. Meloni announces he is quitting acting to go catch Joseph Kony (As an aside, Kony does not rhyme with pony, it should be pronounced nearly identically to the word coin). He disrobes and transforms into the Machine Gun Preacher dressed up like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The ploy is to provide information about the LRA through Meloni's rant while his agent talks him down from going to Congo. He tells Meloni there is something he can do without having to hunt down Kony himself and a graphic flashes sending the viewer to Enough's Kony page that has the same video and a form letter someone can sign and send to President Obama with their policy prescriptions:
1) Troops: President Obama should call on African governments to deploy capable forces to help find Kony;
2) Intelligence: A surge of U.S. intelligence support; and
3) Transport: Logistical assistance from European countries.
4) Defection strategy: aid and radio towers to make sure that LRA fighters know they have a safe place to come out.
I'd like to hear what people think of the video. Personally, I did not find it funny but I am assuming that I am not the intended audience. As for the policy suggestions, the second is interesting. IC advocated for the US to stay the course with its intelligence support, but Enough is requesting a surge. I'd be interested what the 'surge' would look like and how more intelligence support will help the efforts to capture Kony.

HT to @texasinafrica for the video