23 February 2012

Put on Your White Sombrero: Best Group Blog 2011

It's a tie! The killer pair of brilliant lawyers Kate and Amanda of Wronging Rights went toe to toe with the super think tankers at CGD and forced a draw.  Not far behind are Why Dev and the World Bank Impact blog. I said there were no other close races in the ABBAs 2011 and boy was I wrong.

Why Dev - 15.2%
Wronging Rights - 21.6%
Global Dashboard - 9.3%
Triple Crisis - 1.7%
World Bank Development Impact - 17.4%
Center for Global Development - 21.6%
Project Syndicate - 5.7%
Think Africa Press - 7.4%

CGD had its fair share of debates this year, but Wronging Rights calling Chris Blattman a mommy blogger served as a warning call that nobody, even the beloved Blattman, is safe from their witty (and at times snarky) analysis of international issues.

Now let's all sing along... Put on your white sombrero / Saddle your horse my dear / And ride off into the sunset / You'd better go / For there is no / Place for you here