21 February 2012

The Name of the Game: Best Snark

Pining for an inclusion in the best tweeters category, Bill Easterly did not wallow in self pity for long and returned to what he does best: snark. With his eye on the prize and a new kid in town (Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like), Easterly lobbied through direct action and consistent snark.

Though it was close, he did manage to pull out the victory and retain the title for Best Snark 2011.  It is possible that the nomination of SS and J may have taken away from the vote for SEAWL, but that can only be attributed to a lack of coordination and consolidation of the vote.

Bill Easterly - 29.2%
Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like - 23.5%
Shotgun Shack 4.1%
Tales From the Hood - 11.0%
@laurenist - 5.0%
Wronging Rights - 18.0%
Dr. Allen Kurtz, Hand Relief International - 9.1%

Take it as you will, but this is one of the few categories that was gender balanced. However, it is almost entirely an east coast American affair.

ABBA time!