03 February 2012

India Bleg

I am going to India on Sunday. Yes, you read that right.

My visa came through last night and I am off on Sunday afternoon. Despite missing the Super Bowl (Go Giants!), I am pretty excited.  However, I have had little time to prepare and basically know nothing.

The first part of the trip will be to see Unilever projects in Mumbai and Bangalore.  Then I am on my own. I will be starting in Mumbai, but am willing to go anywhere (within reason), so I am hoping some of you can help me out.

What should I do, see, eat, experience, visit, etc in India? If any of you out there are India-based I would love to find time to meet up while I am there.  I basically am open to all ideas so hit me with what you know. Any advice would be appreciated from what to pack to where to sleep.