13 February 2012

A Discovery in India

I now know what happened to all the Phish fans when the band went in hiatus in the mid 2000s.

They came to India.

Walking about the crowded streets of Delhi today with people at individual stalls trying to sell you various homemade goods as the milling people make it hard to pass about. It could easily be Shakedown Street before a Phish Show at PNC Bank Arts Center circa 1997. The men are in the dreadlocks and bandannas while the ladies have traded in free flowing hippie dresses for more appropriate white girl Indian wear by fully embracing the mantra of, as Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like, would call 'dressing like the locals.'

Like any good aid nerd I should point out that this is purely anecdotal, but that should be obvious given the Phish reference.  Since I went there, I might as well leave you with a groovy jam to get your Monday morning rolling.