09 January 2012

Tossing the Old Hat into the Echoing Green Pool

Sunday evening, we hit the send button to apply for a fellowship with Echoing Green.  In short, it would give us the opportunity to plug into a fantastic network of social innovators and a little financial backing over two years.  For DAWNS, it is the perfect opportunity given the goal of the fellowship to support early social enterprises.

The application is quite tricky and has strict word limits.  The first question asks us to summarize DAWNS in one sentence with a 150 character (including spaces) limit.  In the remaining questions we were limited to 500 to 1,000 characters per answer.  There was no way to say everything we wanted, but it was a useful way to condense thoughts into short information-packed statements.

We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Kalsoom Lakhani, founder of Invest 2 InnovateSunkyo Im, co-founder of Kushiri; and Jimmy Levi, Founder and Director of Development, Haiti Communitere. Through the beauty of Google Docs, we all shared our applications, learned from each other's applications, asked questions and provided feedback to each other. Thanks goes to all of them and their respective teams. It certainly helped DAWNS to have fresh eyes read over and probe our ideas.

Given that we put in all the time and work into the application, we would be remiss not to share it with you all. It is submitted as you see it, but your feedback is always appreciated. If we make it to the next step, your questions will help us prepare for what Echoing Green will ask.

Also, check out the #eg2012fellowship tag on twitter. There are many excellent organizations that are applying for the fellowship.

Head on over to the DAWNS blog to read the answers to our questions.