15 December 2011

Things I Like: Villages in Action 2012

Villages in Action 2012 is right around the corner.  The first iteration took place in November 2010 and was born out of the frustration that all of the high level diplomats and world leaders were gathering in New York City to discuss 10 years with the Millennium Development Goals.  Missing from the conversation and the city, were the very people these leaders were discussing.  That same week, the Gates Foundation held the TEDxChange event which again was missing the very people the speakers were discussing.

TMS Ruge decided to start an event that would be back at his home, emulating the TED style, and try to find ways to allow people to speak for themselves and show their own capability.  One section I particularly liked was a group of boys who presented on how they disassembled broken stereo speakers and constructed their own using jerrycans to house and amplify the sound.

Stories of these kinds of innovations are only now starting to be told.  I have raved about Makeshift magazine as a place that is accessing the stories, DAWNS hopes to also do so through citizen storytelling, but VIA brings this to life through a live event.

The 2012 edition will take place January 14 in Kikuube Village, Uganda.  If you missed VIA 2010, you are in luck.  Check out this 90 minute video of the day-long event.