19 December 2011

Revisiting the Birth of a Great Leader

To commemorate the death of Kim Jong-il, I am reposting the birth story of my cat while living in Kenya in 2009.  Having learned of the great birth story of KJI, I thought it was appropriate to have one for the cat.

On January 20, 2009, a new great leader was ushered into this earth.  A meteor from sent directly form heaven, which had been traveling for over eight million years, crashed into the Rift Valley, home of the revered Masai warriors.  From the fiery pits of  the mile diameter creator the wisest, most brave, strongest, and greatest leader was borne.  

In the tail of the meteor flew 10,000 angels to herald the greatest leader in a song so perfect that it is both unplayable and inaudible to any person or animal save the greatest leader.  Born in and of fire, the greatest leader makes his bed within a fire pit each night and turns into pure fire when he sleeps. So he may commune with the Gods.  He can make the rain stop with one look at a cloud and change the direction of the wind with a gentle purr.  The day he was born a unicorn was seen flying across a rainbow that included the additional colors of purple and black.  

Set against a red sky to signify the blood of those who will be spilt if disobedient. People stopped working and fell to their knees at the sight and rejoiced.  The greatest leader had finally arrived.

To all commoners, you may refer him as either "The Greatest Leader" or "Meowmar al-Catdafi."