13 December 2011

DAWNS + International Development Jobs List +2012 = Savings!

We have two big happenings coming up for DAWNS right now.  First, we have a special rate with a brand new partner for 2012 and we are excited to begin soliciting entries for our first grant round starting on January 2, 2012.

DAWNS inked a deal with our friend Alanna Shaikh, a blogger and American aid worker in Central Asia. At a special rate, you can subscribe to both Alanna Shaikh's International Development Careers List and the DAWNS Digest for one year.  From the IDCL you will get the latest job information and advice from a seasoned expert.  Readers are able to submit questions that Alanna will answer publicly to provide a forum for finding jobs in aid and development. Subscribers are also granted access to a IDCL LinkedIn group where you can communicate with fellow job searchers and recruiters. The cost for ICDL and DAWNS Digest runs at a total of $59.88 a year.  We are offering a special package for 2012 at a heavily discounted $49.99.  Please send us an email if you have questions or if you want to take advantage. If you already bought a DAWNS subscription and still want to take advantage of the offer, send us an email and we can work out a discount. 

More news will come in regards to the grants.  Check out the DAWNS mission statement to get an idea of what we hope to do with the money.  Also, we are creeping closer to a new website design and logo for early 2012!  Stay tuned!