30 November 2011

It is That Time of the Year: Award Season

The surprisingly popular Aid Bloggers' Best Awards (ABBAs) are back! I will start pulling together the list of nominees and prepare for the voting. A lot has changed this year in the Aid Blog world with the end of Aid Watch and Tales From the Hood. Additionally, the guys at Aid Thoughts have gone on hiatus. All suggestions are welcome, so please make your nominations in the comments section.

Last year, I had an open nomination process and then vote. The process proved to be confusing, so I will be reaching out to the community for suggestions and go straight to the voting process. For anyone who missed last year's edition, I hope that the name and the award sponsors from last year indicate how seriously this is to be taken. It is great to recognize top notch work, but the hope is not to confuse naval gazing with staring into the abyss.

Last year's winners were:
Best Picture - Duncan McNicholl 
Best Debate - 1 Million Shirts
Best News Article - Bill Easterly
Best in Snark - Aid Watch 
Best Twitter - Owen Barder
Best Series - Texas in Africa
Best New Blog - Shotgun Shack AND Find What Works
Post of the Year - Owen Barder 
Blogger of the Year - Chris Blattman

Possible new categories for 2011:
Best Organizational Blog
Best Organizational Social Media
Best Campaign Best Video
Best Conference
 ....any of your suggestions!